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The 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie, witnessed by 50,000 members of nine tribal nations, can only be broken by an official declaration of an act of war by the United States. It secured, in perpetuity, the following lands: ARTICLE V. THE AFORESAID INDIAN NATIONS DO HEREBY RECOGNIZE AND ACKNOWLEDGE THE FOLLOWING TRACTS COUNTRY,...
18 Ulysses S. Grant

18 Ulysses S. Grant

American Indians experienced some of the worst massacres and grossest injustices in history while Ulysses S. Grant was in office. A celebrated Civil War hero whose campaign slogan was “Let us have peace,” Grant took office in 1869 with plans to drastically reform federal Indian policy. In his inaugural the...
38 Gerald R. Ford

38 Gerald R. Ford

When Gerald Rudolph Ford was sworn in as President in August 1974, he inherited a conflict that was already a century in the making. Ninety-seven years earlier, in the Black Hills of South Dakota, the federal government entered into an agreement with a small group of Sioux Indians. The 1877...

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Native History: Pres. Calvin Coolidge Summers In Black Hills, Adopted By Sioux

URL: https://indiancountrymedianetwork.com/history/events/native-history-pres-coolidge-summers-in-black-hills-adopted-by-sioux/