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Don’t Join the Disenrollment Club

“I don’t want to belong to any club that would have me as a member.” – Groucho MarxIn 2011, Cedric Sunray wrote a column here simply titled, “Disenrollment Clubs.” He opened with a quote about the Cherokee Freedmen, from Cherokee Nation Tribal Councilwoman Cara Cowan Watts: “This is a..

Pamunkey Pride and Prejudice: How the Feds Mandated Racism

The Pamunkey Tribe has recently come under fire by the Congressional Black Caucus for, until very recently, their constitutional prohibition of intermarriage with black people. When placed in a contemporary context, the small tribe (enrolled population of just over 200) would be the poster child for antiquated notions best,...

Indian Country Influenced by Attitudes From the Old South

Eleanor Cook rolled out of bed, nervous, but excited about what the future held that day. Shunned from attendance at the local white and black schools of rural Virginia, state officials and Bureau of Indian Affairs representatives had for years been informing tribal members about eight of the tribal...

Taken for a Ride on the Acronym Train

“NCAI condemns Donald Sterling’s appalling comments regarding African Americans. There is no place in modern society for that kind of hatred and discrimination. We also want to applaud the many athletes, sportscasters, corporations, and individuals who have spoken out against Sterling and his comments. It is encouraging to so...

Anti-Black Racism in Indian Country: Jim Crowfeather Lives

Over the years I have visited and fellowshipped with a great number of tribes situated in the Eastern and Southern regions of the United States. Through this experience I have noticed a telling reality that has long been silently acknowledged, but rarely publicly spoken about. On one exceptional thirty-five...

Don’t Let a South Carolina Judge Disenroll Baby Veronica

Hundreds of articles have been published and thousands of comments have been shared online. Tribes around the country have galvanized their support. Even so, Baby Veronica was sent to South Carolina where she may live out her childhood years in the arms of a family who clearly loves but...

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