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Debunking the ‘Half-Breed’ Label

Half-breed, mixed-blood, metis… These words are more than familiar to us who are not full-blooded American Indians. And by those who are not full-blooded, I do not speak of those who claim a “great-great-great grandmother who was a Cherokee Princess”, nor do I speak of those who say “I...
7 Anti-R-Word Quotes From Native Voices

7 Anti-R-Word Quotes From Native Voices

The name-change debate has brought a diverse group of activists to the forefront, whether it be through social media, or more traditional platforms. Here are a few Native voices that should be amplified.1. “I’d ask (Washington team owner Dan Snyder), ‘Would you dare call me a redskin, right to...

Sacrificing Virgins at Midnight

It was midnight, and I decided to sacrifice some virgins.“Why not?” I shouted. “What’s the point of being found guilty of a crime if you don’t even get to enjoy committing the thing?”“What’d you say?” he said.“Never mind,” I blistered. “Keep looking.”It was late, and I was at corner...

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My Top Ten Microaggressions Against Indians

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