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Expose Hate Groups Like CERA

The hate group Citizens Equal Rights Alliance (CERA), and those like it, use similar tactics to disguise their fear of brown people in positions of authority. They disguise their fear and hatred with bogus legal arguments designed to rile up local resentment and to enlist new uninformed members contributors...

Tsunami Warning From the Cherokee Nation

When does a tribal supreme court decision affect all of Indian County? Not often enough, in the sense that the mechanisms of tribal law application beside but not within the state and federal systems are a work in progress with which we can help each other.  Too often, that...
Steve Russell’s New Book, Sequoyah Rising

Steve Russell’s New Book, Sequoyah Rising

This is an excerpt from Steve Russell's book, Sequoyah Rising. If you'd like to purchase it, click here or here. There is a dark side to tribalism and that dark side may be the end of us if we can’t control it, or if we continue the failures to that...

Indian tribes buy back thousands of acres of land

OMAHA, Neb. – Native American tribes tired of waiting for the U.S. government to honor centuries-old treaties are buying back land where their ancestors lived and putting it in federal trust. Native Americans say the purchases will help protect their culture and way of life by preserving burial grounds areas...

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The Limits and Dangers of a ‘Race’ Critique of Federal Indian Law

URL: https://indiancountrymedianetwork.com/news/opinions/limits-dangers-race-critique-federal-indian-law/