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Decolonizing Medicine: Physical, Social and Mental Healing

de·col·o·nize - verb (of a country) withdraw from (a colony), leaving it independent.I notice a lot of talk on “decolonizing." We must decolonize, people say. HashtagDecolonize. Street art murals with a Native woman standing proud with the word “decolonize” defiantly scrawled on the bottom. I knew the dictionary and...

‘I Have the Blood of Kings and Queens in My Veins’

Nineteenth Century Spanish philosopher, George Santayana, is believed to have coined the popular quote, “History repeats itself.” In fact, he said, “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it," which does not mean that history will inevitably repeat itself, but the chance of repeating a is...

The Ugliness of Indian-on-Indian Racism

This week I had a personal experience that was simultaneously painful and shocking, involving betrayal and a peculiar form of racism that exists in Indian country. Thinking that as a writer this could be useful material—a teachable moment perhaps—I ask that you please indulge me for a moment I..

Dousing the Pocahottie Stereotype

Recently, a tanning salon advertisement touted that Indians not only brought corn to the first Thanksgiving, they brought “sexy color.” After complaints (one of which was mine), the ad was taken down from Club Sun’s Facebook page and an apology of sorts was given. And herein lies the Ads...

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On the Use of Colonizing Language

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