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Cherokee Women Scholars’ and Activists’ Statement on Andrea Smith

Last week, Indian Country Today Media Network published an open letter, in response to the notoriety surrounding controversial scholar-activist Andrea Smith’s contradictory claims of having Cherokee identity through both enrollment and lineal descent. The article was written by indigenous women scholars from a number of different indigenous nations, academic...
Elizabeth Warren Avoids American Indian Media

Elizabeth Warren Avoids American Indian Media

WASHINGTON – As the controversy continues to swirl around U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren’s self-reported Cherokee ancestry, she has dodged several interview requests from the Native American press. A spokesman for the Warren campaign, Alethea Harney, said by telephone on May 15 that Warren would not do an interview Indian...

Congressional action on housing bill follows freedmen forum

WASHINGTON – The Congressional Black Caucus denied Cherokee Nation participation in a forum on the freedmen Sept. 26, but Congress singled them out in a housing bill Sept. 27.The bill, H.R. 2786, reauthorizing the Native American Housing and Self-Determination Assistance Act, passed the Senate on Sept. 25 and House...

Why Native identity matters: A cautionary tale

I met Ward Churchill 15 years ago, before he gained his present infamous reputation. My friend, a college professor, said this Cherokee-Creek guy wanted to meet me. I expected to meet an earnest young student who would relate to me as Creek (I'm Hodulgee Muscogee on Dad's side and enrolled Cheyenne on there...

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Indian Luck & a Native Painter on Death Row

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