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Disenrollment Is a Tool of the Colonizers

Our elders and spiritual leaders do not teach the practice of disenrollment. In fact, disenrollment is a wholly non-Indian construct. Indeed, when I recently asked Eric Bernando, a Grand Ronde descendant of his tribe’s Treaty Chief and fluent Chinook Wawa speaker, if there was a Chinook Wawa word notion...

Duane Champagne’s Orwellian Form of Self-Determination

On October 4, Duane Champagne published on this website, “What is Indigenous Self-Determination and When Does it Apply?” If one were to rephrase Champagne’s question to, “What is Self-Determination and When Does it Apply to Indigenous Peoples?,” his article contains one answer. In his view, “the international expression self-determination”...

A Rebuttal to Duane Champagne’s Recent Piece on Disenrollment

In a recent piece for Indian Country Today Media Network, titled "The Debate Over Disenrollment" by UCLA Indian Studies professor Duane Champagne, we who have been disenrolled from Pechanga were aghast at the inaccuracies.I will address the Pechanga issues here.Duane Champagne: Some of the most publicized disenrollment issues, the...

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