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Where Are the Children?

Over the past month or so I’ve read some disturbing articles and reports related to Indigenous children. Suzette Brewer’s ICTMN article on the continuing legal assaults being thrown at the Indian Child Welfare Act first raised my curiosity because of the involvement of the Goldwater Institute. Foundations and have...

The Baby Veronica Case: David vs. Goliath

As I’ve watched the custody dispute unfold over the nearly four-year-old Cherokee girl known as Baby Veronica, I’ve felt as if this little girl was me. Just like Veronica, I was a baby taken from my Native American biological dad without him knowing and placed in an adoption. just...

Adoption in Indian country study

Susan Devan Harness is an American Indian transracial adoptee. This identity is unique in that it is situated in a very specific time and place in American Indian history. Unlike other transracial/transnational adoptions, American Indian children were adopted through colonization and assimilation practices on home soil, creating tensions race...

Researcher studies American Indian adoption into white households

FORT COLLINS, Colo. – American Indian trans-racial adoptees often find themselves at the intersection of belonging and not belonging in today’s society. Colorado State University cultural anthropologist Susan Harness explored issues of ethnic belonging, social hierarchy and social memory and their impact on adult American Indian trans-racial adoptees like...

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I thought you might find this interesting:
A Right-Wing Think Tank Is Trying to Bring Down the Indian Child Welfare Act. Why?

URL: https://indiancountrymedianetwork.com/news/politics/right-wing-think-tank-trying-bring-indian-child-welfare-act/