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Let Crazy Horse Rest in Peace!

I have gotten e-mail recently asking what is up with me and Tim Giago since I had not written articles criticizing him over the past year. Actually I had unilaterally declared a moratorium on criticizing Tim; and I must confess, it felt good.Much or most of my criticism Tim...

HBO’s ‘Wounded Knee’ movie makes positive contribution

During the heyday of the American Indian traditionalist movement, around 1977, the telephone rang at the offices of the national Indian newspaper, Akwesasne Notes. John Mohawk, senior editor and intellectual force at ''the Notes,'' took the call and came suddenly to intense attention. With his hand over the and...

John Mohawk, beloved man of wisdom, passes on

Editors’ note: Indian Country Today is thankful for the early thoughts shared below by former editor Jose Barreiro, long-time friend and collaborator of John Mohawk. Barreiro currently serves at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian. BUFFALO, N.Y. – Indian country lost a major luminary with the recent of...

‘America is Indian country’

In a packed lecture room at the City University of New York Graduate Center, editors and columnists from Indian Country Today shared anecdotes and analyses of current events. The occasion, sponsored by the Flying Eagle Woman Fund and Fulcrum Publishing, was the publication of the book "America is Indian Country: Opinions and Perspectives from Indian Today."...

A crucial time for Indian country to be heard

I go to a lot of Indian meetings, where tribal leaders and advisers discuss their most important issues, value each others' cultures and present their viewpoints. There is a lot of good Indian thinking going on, even in the midst of very difficult problems and many challenges and attacks upon tribal rights well-organized...

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