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Non-Status Indians in the U.S., Part 2: Daniels v. Canada/Crown

In the recent Supreme Court of Canada decision in Daniels v. Canada (Indian Affairs and Northern Development), 2016 SCC 12, the Court was asked to resolve the question of whether “Metis” (Mixed Bloods) and “Non-Status Indians” were Indians under the Constitution and Laws of Canada. The Canadian Supreme found...

Where Are the Children?

Over the past month or so I’ve read some disturbing articles and reports related to Indigenous children. Suzette Brewer’s ICTMN article on the continuing legal assaults being thrown at the Indian Child Welfare Act first raised my curiosity because of the involvement of the Goldwater Institute. Foundations and have...

Mile-Long Noses: So Many Lies, So Little Time

The amount of lies told in this world makes you wonder if anything can be true anymore. If we all had the curse the fictional character Pinocchio had, imagine for a moment how long our noses would be.For many years marijuana was against the law to take, while told...

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