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What the Mohawks Might Say to the PM

Mohawks, who are one of the six Nations of the Haudenosaunee, have traditionally not voted in Quebec or Canadian elections believing that, as Mohawks, they are neither Quebecers or Canadians, and should not interfere in other peoples politics.Mohawks have been firm in this position for decades. But now, the...

Haudenosaunee Renew Two Row Wampum With Dutch

The Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign landed in The Netherlands.In a ceremony under a Tree of Peace in the center of the Hague, Onondaga Faithkeeper Oren Lyons presented a replica of the Two Row Wampum to the Ambassador for Human Rights of the government of the Netherlands.Lyons said, Dutch...

Joint Statement Supporting Chief Spence and Idle No More

 The following statement is in support for Chief Theresa Spence who continues her hunger strike until Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper meets with her, and the Idle No More movement, from 24 organizations throughout Canada.?Indigenous and human rights organizations stand in solidarity with Chief Theresa Spence in her for...

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Anniversary of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: Who’s Afraid of Human Rights?

URL: https://indiancountrymedianetwork.com/news/indigenous-peoples/anniversary-of-the-un-declaration-on-the-rights-of-indigenous-peoples-whos-afraid-of-human-rights/