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If Trans-Racial Is a Thing, Is Trans-Racism?

Events move fast in the internet age. The Rachel Dolezal “Black Like Me” story had people of every stripe, color, and political persuasion commenting, tweeting, and taking sides. Then we all find out that “transracial” is a real thing and these self-identified people seem to mostly be young adoptees...

Hank Adams, an unassuming visionary

I met Hank Adams in New York City in the '60s, and we've been friends and confidants from that turbulent time to this one. Leaders of all movements in the day seemed to be on testosterone overdrive, knocking each other off the charisma meter and elbowing each other out of the picture. many...

The Whiteman and the Disease

Things used to be simpler in the old-timey days, or maybe they were just more high contrast. We were the Peoples. They were the Whiteman. They came; they misnamed; they killed. And that was the first Whiteman Indian policy (a.k.a., the Invasion). The second was: They stayed; they stole; they killed. That one a..

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Rachel Dolezal Outs Andrea Smith Again; Will Anybody Listen This Time?

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