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The grand narrative of the United States does not include the Indigenous story. For any serious student of history, this should come as no surprise. Forty-five weeks ago, I embarked on a series of historical news stories exploring the evolution of federal Indian policy, one presidential term at a Starting...
38 Gerald R. Ford

38 Gerald R. Ford

When Gerald Rudolph Ford was sworn in as President in August 1974, he inherited a conflict that was already a century in the making. Ninety-seven years earlier, in the Black Hills of South Dakota, the federal government entered into an agreement with a small group of Sioux Indians. The 1877...
39 Jimmy Carter

39 Jimmy Carter

James Earl “Jimmy” Carter Jr., made no public mention of American Indians during his entire first year in office. The 39th president of the United States, Carter only briefly mentioned Indians in his first State of the Union Address, a 12,000-word speech delivered to Congress in January 1978. Even then, remarks...

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I thought you might find this interesting:
Today in Native History: Carter Restores Federal Recognition to Three Oklahoma Tribes

URL: https://indiancountrymedianetwork.com/history/events/today-native-history-carter-restores-federal-recognition-three-oklahoma-tribes/