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Ain’t No Sacajewea

Ain’t No Sacajewea

She stormed into the dingy t-shirt shop where her 19-year-old daughter had been hanging around with older men who said they were “taking care of her.”

Pot and Pretendians

I’ve heard it dozens of times: folks justify the appropriation of Native culture and the theft of sacred rites and ceremonies by saying there’s no injury; that it’s essentially harmless, or even beneficial.Wrong. How does redface, be it physical, mental or spiritual, aside from making a mockery of Originals,...

Selling the Sacred

The Oct. 9 headlines read: “Sweat lodge disaster” and “2 dead, 19 taken to hospitals, 64 people in sweat lodge.” Except that it wasn’t a real sweat lodge. It was a bastardized version of a sacred ceremony sold by a multimillionaire who charged people $9,695 a pop for his Warrior”...

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Selling the Sacred

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