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Pot and Pretendians

I’ve heard it dozens of times: folks justify the appropriation of Native culture and the theft of sacred rites and ceremonies by saying there’s no injury; that it’s essentially harmless, or even beneficial.Wrong. How does redface, be it physical, mental or spiritual, aside from making a mockery of Originals,...
Council resolution condemns exploiters of sweat lodges

Council resolution condemns exploiters of sweat lodges

PLUMMER, Idaho – The deaths of three people in Arizona in early October at a “Spirit Warrior” program has led to the Coeur d’Alene Tribal Council taking a stand in opposition to such programs. These three were part of a group of about 65 people who paid up $9,000...

Forbes: The Jewish bible and the appropriation of another’s religion

Christians have attempted to lay claim to the Hebrew Bible much as modern-day "New Age" people lay claim to Native American ceremonies and other practices. Appropriating someone else's religious traditions is not new. The Christians who invaded America after 1492 offered "the Bible" (Protestants) or the "Sacraments" (Catholics) to American...

Native Cooking Column by Dale Carson

There are so many celebrations about now in Indian country. Traditional Christmas celebrated by Christians and non-Christians, traditional Native American ceremonies, Winter Solstice, and the New Year First Night gatherings. I have never experienced it, but friends tell me of the wondrous festivals of light using luminarias throughout pueblos...

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