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Amherst College Acquires Rare Native Book Collection

Amherst College Acquires Rare Native Book Collection

According to a release by Amherst College it is the “most complete collection of Native American literature and history in existence,” and it’s now at the college’s Frost Library in Amherst, Massachusetts.The collection includes items ranging from religious pamphlets from before the United States existed to first-edition crime noted...

Massacres and Denial: Why Can’t America be Honest?

Every once in a while a really nice example of institutional racism emerges from the corporate media and gives us a chance to expose unexamined assumptions that make truth impossible. The March 30 New York Times carried a front page article about Indian country that rolls up the nicest of...

Institutional Discrimination Against Indigenous Culture

“There is no better place for a vibrant Indigenous and Cherokee Studies program than NSU, which serves as a monument to the intellectual history of the Cherokee Nation.” — Wilma P. Mankiller, “Memo to Dr. Don Betz,” January 19, 2010.During the Spring 2013 semester, Oklahoma’s Northeastern State University cancelled...

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Pulitzer Prize Nominee Maurice Kenny Walks On

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