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Fashion Exploiting Native Wear Is Racist

There has been a lot of media lately regarding cultural insensitivity and/or ignorance at the Oscars and New York City’s Fashion Week. There's always media attention when celebrities are involved. But this is nothing new to the Native community regarding its language, its art, its traditions and now, products.Even...
Corn: Spiritual, Nutritional, Cultural, and in Danger

Corn: Spiritual, Nutritional, Cultural, and in Danger

In New Mexico, Arizona and, recently, Belize, the work to revitalize, promote and sustain traditional methods of farming is being headed up by the Traditional Native American Farmer’s Association (TNAFA). By challenging governmental policy and offering workshops ranging in length from a few hours to a few days, education action...
Pow Chow: Indian Taco

Pow Chow: Indian Taco

A mainstay at pow wows across the country, the Indian Taco is only as good as the fry bread its made on.  The problem for some is that fry bread isn't exactly a healthy choice (then again, your average taco that uses a flour tortilla isn't much better). a..

Traditional cuisine sizzles on front burner

PHOENIX – In the past few years, Native food has stepped up to the plate. Indigenous heirloom crops and other products that were rare, or even endangered, a short time ago, including Navajo churro lamb and Iroquois white corn, are presented with panache on the fine china of restaurants...

Native Cooking

You all know that I am not a "purist" when it comes to all-Native recipes. I love to pass along good-tasting food that is healthy for the most part. Now and again I'll share something borderline, but always with an ingredient that is indigenous. You may have noticed, too, that I hardly do...

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Native Cooking

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