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Two New Mexico Cities Oppose Navajo Water Rights

The cities of Aztec and Bloomfield are preparing to contest in court the water rights settlement that was signed into law in December by Interior secretary Ken Salazar and former Navajo Nation president Joe Shirley, according to the Farmington Daily Times. The San Juan Navajo Water Rights Settlement approximately...
‘The Rocket Boy’ Takes Off at Sundance

‘The Rocket Boy’ Takes Off at Sundance

Donavan Seschillie, Jake Hoyungowa and Deidra Peaches, who spent their youth staging—and later filming—imaginary battle scenes in their Flagstaff, Ariz., apartment complex to kill time, have come a long way without having to travel very far. Their 16-minute film “The Rocket Boy” was one of 81 shorts selected out nearly...

Lands bill falls short in Congress

An omnibus lands bill that included a controversial land exchange in Cañoncito east of Santa Fe failed to pass the U.S. House of Representatives by two votes Wednesday. The massive bill also included a measure approving a critical Navajo water rights settlement, a measure to establish the new, ...

Washington in brief

AKAKA BILL TO GET ITS CHANCE IN NEXT CONGRESS The Hawaii senatorial delegation reached a compromise Oct. 11 that is meant to bring the Akaka Bill to the Senate floor for debate and a roll call vote no later than August 2005, during the 109th Congress. The agreement cleared the way for passage...

Navajo power coalition grows

WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. ? Guided by the philosophy of "one mind, one voice, one prayer," a growing alliance of 17 Navajo grassroots organizations is finally getting respect from the Navajo Nation Council. After four months of organizing and a series of public meetings held across the Navajo Nation, members the...

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Secretary Jewell’s Million Dollar Signature Fulfills Shoshone-Paiute Water Rights

URL: https://indiancountrymedianetwork.com/news/politics/secretary-jewells-60-million-dollar-signature-fulfills-shoshone-paiute-water-rights/