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Malheur: Armed Invasion of Indian Lands

Armed white men seizing the headquarters of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon on January 2, 2016, were repeating a history longer than anyone has yet noted.The occupation of Malheur connects to the 15th century Papal Bulls sanctioning "Christian Discovery." An historical line from Christian Discovery runs through invasion...

Raymond Yowell: A Courageous Indigenous Leader

The Western Shoshone have been litigating the rights to their homeland since at least 1951, when a claim was filed, purportedly in their behalf, before the United States Indian Claims Commission (ICC). A full statement of this history is in Elmer R. Rusco, "Historic Change in Western Shoshone The...
Yowell Case Against BLM For Grazing Fees Dismissed

Yowell Case Against BLM For Grazing Fees Dismissed

On February 21st, Raymond Yowell traveled the 305 miles between his home in Spring Creek, Nevada for his hearing in Reno, Nevada. The hearing was in regards to his $30 million lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management and the Treasury Department for grazing rights. Yowell is suing the...

Newcomb: The sinister roots of ‘territory’

Alpheus Snow, in his book “The Administration of Dependencies,” examined “the Evolution of the Federal Empire” of the United States, “with Special Reference to Colonial Problems.” How to get Indian land has always been a central colonial issue for the United States. This is otherwise known as “the problem,”...

Newcomb: Bush permits desecration of Mt. Tenabo for gold mining

Despite years of well-voiced opposition from traditional Western Shoshones, the Bush administration, by-way-of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), approved a massive open-pit, cyanide heap-leach gold mine at Mount Tenabo.Mt. Tenabo, not far from the Dann Family Ranch where elder Carrie Dann lives, is an area of tremendous and...

Newcomb: Western Shoshone Nation reaffirms land rights

For decades now, Western Shoshone elder Carrie Dann has repeatedly and adamantly declared, ''Mother Earth is not for sale.'' In keeping with this statement, she will decline any monies paid by the U.S. government in its effort to create the appearance that Western Shoshone land rights have been Although...

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Lewis v. Clarke: Latest Hit on Tribal Immunity Law

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