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Pocahontas Was a Kidnap Victim, Not a Disney Princess

“In Defense of Pocahontas: Disney’s Most Radical Heroine,” written by Sophie Gilbert and published by The Atlantic, defends Disney’s portrayal of the Powhatan historical figure, stating, “While its interpretation of history attracted considerable criticism, less was written about the fact that Disney had, for the first time, provided independent...

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day, 2013

As dawn broke over the Atlantic on October 12, 1492, a perilous ten-week journey across a timeless ocean gave way to encounters and events that would dramatically shape the course of history, and be forever regarded by Europeans as the “discovery” of America. Today, we recall the courage the...

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'The True Story of Pocahontas: The Other Side of History'RICHMOND, Va. - Stories about the early Powhatan Indians who met the colonists at Jamestown have for centuries portrayed the Indians as barbaric and uncivilized, accepting trinkets and beads in exchange for food - while fickly turning against the on...

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