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The Perils of Culturally Appropriative Halloween Costumes

I commonly work with racial equity issues in my role as Indigenous Researcher & Policy Analyst for First Alaskans Institute. With Halloween approaching, I’d like to share my perspective why wearing Native American “costumes” is a bad idea. It shouldn’t necessarily be minority peoples’ place to educate majority people...

The Ugly Roots Of The GAP’s Manifest Destiny

Mark McNairy, 'designer' of Gap's "Manifest Destiny" t-shirt, has stated that he was taught in school that Manifest Destiny was a good thing, representing the setting of goals, working hard and achieving one's dreams. His texting of "Manifest Destiny. Survival of the Fittest." indicates that he was not truthful...

Native American perspectives on “Indian” identities

Living Repercussions of the Native-American Genocide Holocaust: America's Four Hundred Year War. The extermination of America's First People began in 1492 with the discovery of the Americas and escalated to unconditional warfare ending in 1890. In 1492 Columbus wrote of the American Natives, “They are the best people the...

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Native American perspectives on "Indian" identities

URL: https://indiancountrymedianetwork.com/news/native-american-perspectives-on-indian-identities/