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8 Martin Van Buren

8 Martin Van Buren

Tens of thousands of Native Americans were already being removed from their homelands when Martin Van Buren took office as the eighth president of the United States. Van Buren, who served as secretary of state during Andrew Jackson’s first term in office and vice president during Jackson’s second term, to...
20 James Garfield

20 James Garfield

Thirteen years before he took office as president of the United States, James Abram Garfield predicted the extinction of the American Indian. “The race of the red men will… before many generations be remembered only as a strange, weird, dreamlike specter, which once passed before the eyes of men, had...
26 Theodore Roosevelt

26 Theodore Roosevelt

When Theodore Roosevelt took office in 1901, he already had a long legacy of animosity toward American Indians. Seventeen years earlier, Roosevelt, then a young widower, left New York in favor of the Dakotas, where he built a ranch, rode horses and wrote about life on the frontier. When returned...

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