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Fix the Earth With the Sacred Jump Dance

The basis of the religion of the local people relies on individual effort through ritual cleanliness and ceremonies that include the entire tribe. The Tribes of this region practice the annual World Renewal Ceremonies, such as the Karuk Pikyavish, the Tolowa Nee-dash, the Hupa and Yurok White Deerskin and...

The Season of the Natives

It is the season of the Native. We have just completed our World Renewal ceremonies, Columbus Day, Halloween (please don’t dress as a “brave” or Pocahottie), November is Native American Heritage month. Oh boy this is our time of the year.In the spirit of Native American Heritage month would...

Indigenous Wisdom: Don’t Take the Baby Clams

As the holidays near, many Americans start planning how and where they will travel to meet up with family all around the U.S. It is a foreign concept to me.As an indigenous person, I cannot separate myself and my family from the lifeline of our redwood forests, the Ocean...

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