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Cowlitz Webmaster Starts News Aggregate Site

Rod Van Mechelen, who for nine years has been distributing published news about Indian country through a vast e-mail network, is now focusing his energies on a news website. CowlitzCountry.com is a Native news aggregation site similar to Indianz.com and Pechanga.net, but with more of a focus on Washington Oregon...

Unsung Heroes: Richard LaCourse, Journalist

Of all the professions and disciplines that have risen to new heights in Indian country over the last forty years, Native journalism may show the greatest advance. In the late 1960s, when the American Indian Press Association was aborning, there were a good number of periodicals serving Indian although...

Marketplace insights

We’ve all seen the headlines, whether it’s on the national scene or our local tribal news. People caught doing unethical or illegal things in business or in their professional capacity. From million dollar bonuses, to mismanagement of funds, to embezzlement, to pilfering office supplies. How does one find in...
The worst natural disasters to strike tribal nations in 2008

The worst natural disasters to strike tribal nations in 2008

The winds of destruction lived up to their name this year, as the deadliest of natural disasters to strike the country’s tribal nations, uprooting trees, roofs and sometimes, entire homes and, unfortunately, costing tribal lives. The Federal Emergency Management Agency declared disasters for an unprecedented number of tribal and...

Native nonprofit to focus on green-collar careers

AUSTIN, Texas – A new Native-operated 501(c)(3) is turning its focus on green-collar careers for American Indians and veterans. Native Workplace is officially announcing its new effort to help the community connect with the thousands of careers created by growth in renewable energy industries. Its mission is to promote green-collar and...

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Grand Ronde Tribe Adopts Independent Press Ordinance

URL: https://indiancountrymedianetwork.com/news/native-news/grand-ronde-tribe-adopts-independent-press-ordinance/