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Uncovering the True History of Thanksgiving

Uncovering the True History of Thanksgiving

What is the true history of Thanksgiving? When you hear about the Pilgrims and “the Indians” harmoniously sharing the “first Thanksgiving” meal in 1621, the Indians referred to so generically are the ancestors of the contemporary members of the Wampanoag Nation. As the story commonly goes, the Pilgrims sailed...

When the Wind Blows: The Passing of Dr. Ella Sekatau

The late Slow Turtle (John Peters), the Supreme Medicine Man from the Wampanoag Nation once told me, “ When someone of great significance crosses over, the wind blows more forcibly, letting you know their spirit is passing by.” On Monday, April 7, the trees had bowed their heads Firefly...

The Funk and Jazz of Morgan James Peters

Morgan James Peters, 46, professionally known as "Mwalim DaPhunkee Professor," is a Mashpee Wampanoag, multifaceted performing artist, writer, media artist and educator, who swept the 2010 Jazz category with his album The Liberation Sessions winning the ‘Best Jazz Male’ as well as ‘Best Jazz Female’ for Amaris Moss’ work...

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What Really Happened at the First Thanksgiving? The Wampanoag Side of the Tale

URL: https://indiancountrymedianetwork.com/history/events/what-really-happened-at-the-first-thanksgiving-the-wampanoag-side-of-the-tale/