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‘Redskins’ in Media and On the Ground

The Washington Post poll about "redskin" sports names raised uproar in social media, but, as Harlan McKosato pointed out, "what we see on social media nowadays…does not reflect how Native people in general necessarily feel about certain issues."McKosato suggested that some issues—like the names debate—exist primarily in the while...

Founding Fathers Knew Indian Nations Are Sovereign

The Constitution’s original intent treats Indian nations and tribes as prior sovereigns, with jurisdiction over our citizens and territory. The Treaty and Supremacy Clauses embody America’s recognition of the sovereign status of “Indian nations” by affirming the earliest treaties and authorizing 370 later Indian treaties. In the phrase …...

The WCIP and Political Equality Between Nations and States

With the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples (WCIP) looming on the horizon when representatives of UN Member states meet at the United Nations on 22 September it is worth considering next steps. After months of discussions and negotiations involving representatives of indigenous nations and UN Member states (UNMS) Draft...

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Native History: French and Indian War Ends With Treaty of Paris

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