Video: Riding the Rez

My name is Shonie De La Rosa and I live in Kayenta, Arizona on the Navajo Nation, which is located in the four corners region of the United States. Kayenta is also know as the "Gateway to Monument Valley" and thousands of people visit every year from all over the world. 

A few of my friends and I are on the local search and rescue team, and since the terrain is so rugged and vast, we utilize ATV’s in the majority of our searches. In our off time, we like to hone our riding skills by taking random ATV rides whenever we can.

In this video, “Riding the Rez Part 3” we are riding in an area that is just a few miles north of Kayenta on US Highway 163 and about 10 miles south of Monument Valley. We took a dirt road that heads east past a rock formation called “Gorilla Rock.” To the north of this formation is another volcanic rock formation called “El Capitan” which is featured in dozens of popular photographs of the southwest.

To the right, on this road, is a very long stretch of volcanic rock called “Comb Ridge”; to the left there's nothing but flat desert, sand dunes and sand stone rock formations in the distance. It is these rock formations, and the canyons within them, that we explored.

Once we approached our turn to get off these rock formations, we had to wind our way through the sand dunes, which was a lot of fun. Upon arriving at the rock formations you'll get a really good look at how big these are, they simply tower over you.

We explored the multiple canyons and rode in each one as far as we could. Towards the end, you can see an arch that we happened to stumble upon. I had heard stories of this arch from a few elderly locals, but had never seen it. It was quite a surprise to just stumble upon it without having to look for it.

There are so many places to see around here. Sure, this area is a major tourist attraction, and has its many popular sites to see, such as Monument Valley, El Capitan, Navajo National Monument, etc., but there are many places here that are just as awesome that many never get to see.


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Video: Riding the Rez